2020 LYS Tour Sponsors

Each year, we ask a number of companies to sponsor the LYTour. Funds from our sponsors go towards our passport, website, cash prizes, and more. We are very grateful to the following companies for their support this year:

Knitting Fever Inc. (KFI) had its humble beginnings in 1974 when Sion Elalouf opened his first needlepoint and knitting store in Great Neck, New York. He was inspired by the beautiful and exotic nature of European and Japanese yarns and by the talented textile artists he met. In the early 1980s, KFI gave up the retail business to focus on bringing these specialty yarns and fabulous designers to retailers across the USA.


Some of KFI's quality yarn lineup includes: Noro, Ella Rae, Elsebeth Lavold, Juniper Moon Farm, Lousia Harding and many other admired brands.

Simply Shetland carries beautiful yarns for hand knitting from the Shetland landscape.  They are the exclusive North American distributor of Jamieson's and Simply Shetland yarns for sale in your favorite yarn shops.


Jamieson's Shetland wools are grown and spun on Shetland, a group of islands in the North Sea, Scotland.  Shetland's rich hand knitting tradition continues today and Shetland knitters still create beautiful lace shawls, gloves, mittens, hats and Fair Isle garments. 

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