The New Knittery

601 S. Grady Way, Renton, WA 98057


The Renton Knittery has been in Renton, WA, at various locations, for over 50 years! Win Fisher sold the store , decided to close the store and retire, but just before that was to happen,
the shop was purchased, revamped, and reborn on September 3 rd , 2019 as The New Knittery.

The new owner, Marcy New, rearranged the layout of the shop, bringing in colorful yarns that were both
familiar and new to the regular customers. As well as The Table (used for many years for classes),
armchairs and rockers were added in an open space at the front of the shop, for people to sit and visit
while working on projects.

She explains the changes in the shop this way:

“When I took this on, I made two promises to myself. The first was that I want EVERY PERSON who walks
through the door to feel welcome. I love to help people learn to knit and improve their skills, so my door
is open to anyone needing that assistance. Second, I decided that if I were going to bring in a yarn line, I
wanted to bring in as many of the colors as I could.”

Conveniently located in the Renton Village Shopping Center, just off I-405, visitors can find their favorite
treat at Starbucks (two doors away) and enjoy them as they visit The New Knittery.
The New Knittery has a great website ( and is active on both Facebook and

During the last year, many of the activities of the shop had to be put on hold, until the risk of
infection was reduced sufficiently to return to normal. Now that vaccines are becoming more available,
it won’t be much longer before The New Knittery will be open again for in-person knit groups, classes,
workshops, and shopping.