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How does the LYS Tour work?

How To Tour

Mark your calendars for Wednesday May 17th - Sunday May 21th, 2023 and get ready to celebrate the 17th year of the LYS Tour!

Shops will all keep the minimum hours of:

10am - 8pm PST Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday; and

10am - 6pm PST Saturday & Sunday

Contact individual shops directly to inquire about extended hours.

Download your 2023 LYS Tour Passport to print your own booklet


Don't need the whole passport? Download the stamp page

Every shop has a new knitting and crochet pattern, designed specifically for the Tour. Customers who visit in person will receive download codes for these patterns for FREE. Patterns can be downloaded from and in some cases also from a secondary website. If you're Touring remotely, you can receive a shop's patterns for free by placing an order of any size from the shop during the Tour dates. Pattern download codes will expire July 1, 2023, so don't delay in redeeming the patterns. 

Helpful Tips for Touring:

You'll need a Tour passport (or just the stamp page), a trustworthy map/GPS, and a car. It's also fun to travel together with a group of friends! The LYS Tour does not provide transportation for the event.

Be sure to put your name and contact information in your passport just in case you accidentally leave it at a shop! This happens more than you know...

Visit any participating shops you wish, in any order you wish. Plan the route that best works for you (and your group). Transportation tools are linked at the bottom of this page.

At the end of the day, each shop will pull THREE winners from that day's pool of in-person visitor entry slips. One winner will receive a tote filled with amazing donated yarns, patterns, and treats. The other two will receive a $15 gift certificate to that shop. 3 prizes per shop, per day adds up to 300 changes to win! Customers will be informed of their winnings by phone or email. It is the customer's responsibility to pick up their winnings in a timely manner. If a customer does not wish to arrange to have their item(s) picked up, they can decline their prize, and another Tourist will be chosen.  

Be sure to turn in the grand prize entry form from your passport at the last shop you visit. Grand Prizes are awarded after the Tour ends, randomly selected from the pool of qualifying entries.

Vist at least 12 shops to be entered to win one of five $100 grand prizes. Visit all 20 shops to be entered to win one of three $500 grand prizes. The drawing will take place approximately 7-10 days after the Tour. Gift certificates will be awarded, and winners can select the shop(s) where they want to spend their winnings.

Contact your fiber-loving friends, mark your maps, arrange your carpools, and plan your Tour.  We look forward to seeing you.

The Washington Department of Transportation has several tools that might be helpful as you travel: Seattle traffic information/views from traffic camerasTraffic alerts for the Puget Sound Region, and Information on toll roads around the Seattle area.

NOTE: Please be aware that you may need to take a ferry to visit some of our shops! Get all the information on the Washington State Ferries system here!

At each shop:

Here's a checklist for what to do while visiting each shop!

1. Have your passport stamped.

2. Enter the daily drawing (the form may be paper or digital).

3. Pick up your FREE knitting and crochet patterns.

    (Patterns may be offered as a download code)

4. If desired, purchase the featured pattern yarns at 10% off!

5. Admire the unique features of each shop, and take notes about what caught you eye. This is helpful in planning 

    future visits. 

6. Be mindful that each shop has its own health and safety guidelines.

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