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Acorn Street Shop

2818 NE 55th St, Seattle, WA 98105


Acorn Street Shop is located a few blocks north of University Village in Seattle, and is a cozy oasis of color and creativity in the midst of the bustling Bryant/Ravenna neighborhood. Our ground-floor shop is easy to access, and free parking can be found in our lot behind the shop or on the street. We strive to provide an open, friendly, and helpful atmosphere for crafters of all levels. We are passionate about our craft, and simply love to geek-out with our customers over our shared obsession with yarn. We keep our shelves stocked with a wide variety of yarns and gadgets, and we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to finding new pretties to bring into the shop. Acorn Street has been part of this amazing event from the very beginning, and we’re thrilled to continue the party for years to come!

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